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We are your one stop shop for hot foil stamping machines and accessories since 1986

Unlike others, we are not simply a 'box shifter' but have been established within the hot foil printing business since 1986. Our in-depth knowledge is at your disposal.

Purchasing your hot foil machine from a established supplier will ensure that you get the best advise and best machines.

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The brand, Since 1986

Creative Printers of London, otherwise also known as 'CPL' have been established as a family business in the London region since 1986.

This business was started in 1986 by Jeff Sharma on the back of a £2000 redundancy payout. Jeff started this business on a shoestring budget and began to offer hot foil business cards, key fobs etc to a local market. There was no internet at this time, so much of the time was devoted to canvassing local businesses.

Within a couple of years, the business thrived and it became apparent that others around the country could also benefit from operating such a business from home. Jeff contacted a long established local engineering company and discussed the possibility of a collaboration whereby they would manufacture a high quality British Made hot foil stamping machine, exclusively for CPL and the brand 'DUT21' was borne. The DUT21 proved to be hugely successful as a brand for over 15 years until the engineering company closed down.

Being adaptable, CPL began to design their own machines as they had many years of experience of what was required in a machine and the 'Foilcraft' hot foil stamping machines was brand was borne. Over the last decade or so, the Foilcraft hot foil stamping machines have proved to be so popular and have been sold to most countries around the world. The demand continues to grow year on year.

CPL, as a brand stand for being adaptable, approachable, honest, creative, down to earth, customer-orientated, knowledgeable, visionary and trustworthy. When you deal with CPL, you will quickly discover the above traits or a family business that has been established for over 36 years and proud to be serving you for many more years.

We supply hot foil stamping machines,

brass letters, dies, emojis and foil !

Hot Foil Stamping Machines

A number of our hot foil stamping machines are proudly designed in the UK, backed with our 36 years experience within the hot foil industry.

We can supply budget priced hot foil printing machines for individuals or small businesses to more heavy-duty ones for in-store personalisation.

Our hot foil machines work with 220v or 110v, so they can equally be use in Europe/Rest of the World as well as North America.

Brass letters, dies and emojis

Manufactured in the UK to exacting standards, our hot foil stamping letters made from high quality brass.

We also manufacture high quality engraved dies from your artwork. These are great for logos and designs.

Emojis can add a little bit of extra fun to personalised leather goods. Most popular emojis are indeed heart shapes, stars, diamonds, paws, #, ! @ etc. Infact, we can make any emoji from your artwork too !

Some of our key products

We supply portable hot foil machines for ease of use

We can engrave any design from your artwork

We can engrave any font in any language

We supply them from off-the-shelf or to your design

We supply metallic foils in a range of colours

Cut your leather using this heavy-duty machine

What our customers say

Fantastic service throughout the whole process from initial enquiry, right through to the machine arriving at my door.

The foil stamping machine itself is such a brilliant product, so well made, great to use and the quality of the finish it creates it second to none.

I'm so pleased I made this investment as it will, and already has, allowed me to create personalised products that take my business to the next level. Thank you!



I have had a great experience with CPL.

Not only were they helpful in answering questions before I placed an order, but they had great supply and have continually offered great customer service after my purchase.

Whenever I need to order more materials, have questions or need help, they have been prompt and knowledgable -- Paige is especially kind and wonderful.

I love my FoilCraft Junior and highly recommend CPL products to anyone!

Kasee Bailey


I am more than impressed with my new embossing machine, it will take my small business to the next step. I had a cheap Chinese embossing machine previously and the difference is just unbelievable, I wish I had heard about the Mayfair machine before. And their customer service via WhatsApp has been amazing. Thank you all so much! Fab business!



How to purchase

If you are based in the UK, you can purchase on our main website by clicking here

If you are based outside the UK, please send us an email along with the product you are interested in purchasing as well as your zip code, and we can then work out shipping costs for you.

You can also chat to us free on WhatsApp (British Standard Time)

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